Modern JavaScript is a powerful programming language all over the world. To develop a scalable high-profile web application most of the developers prefer to use the language. JavaScript has released the ECMAScript 6 version with powerful features which makes Modern JavaScript popular. Today I will share some powerful features with the functionalities of them.


When actions occurred by the user the occurrence of that action is called an event which is fired by the user

Some example of HTML events

  • A webpage has finished loading

Event Bubble

Event bubble is one of the…

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React is a simple JavaScript library made by pure vanilla JavaScript and developed by Facebook in 2013. The main purpose of the library is to make interactive user interfaces. React JS is normally used to make a single-page web application. If we compare the library with other libraries or frameworks, React JS playing better than others, and nowadays it is one of the popular JavaScript libraries in the world. What’s react do behind the scene, let’s explore.


Dom is standing for the document object model. When we run an HTML template or document via browser, the browser parses the HTML…

JavaScript is a single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous, and object-oriented programming language. A couple of years ago JavaScript was used for developing the client-side of a website. But nowadays using JavaScript we can develop server-side also. Like other programming languages, JavaScript also has data types. So let’s dive into the JS data type’s world and also know some discrepancies.

Data Types

There are seven data types in JS. Number, String, symbol, Boolean, object, null and undefined. JavaScript data types can be categorized into two types, primitive and non-primitive data types. Let’s explore both different data types of JavaScript.

Primitive Data Types

Usually, number, string, symbol, Boolean, null…

JavaScript is nowadays the most popular programming language all over the world. But if we look back to a couple of years, JavaScript was only used for Dom manipulation, but now the current world has been taking modern JavaScript as a weapon for developing an incredible number of higher-profile applications. To develop several enterprise-level applications using JS, The powerful array methods play an important role. Let’s know the functionalities of some powerful array methods of JS.


This is one of the powerful array methods of JS. Normally the map method uses a callback function for every element in the…

ES5 came in 2009 and gave JS developers a wider scope to do more on JS, but there are some limitations in ES5. To reduce those limitations, JavaScript launched ES6 in 2015 with some extraordinary features and from that 5 features every JavaScript developer should know and these are following

1. let and const
In ES5 variable can be declared with only var keyword and which is not secure and it has a possibility to leak private data but we can use let and const keyword instead of var
it is a scope variable that means it works based on scope that means if a variable declares in a for loop the scope of that variable is limited to that scope and if you want to change the value of a variable declared with let, you can change.
It is also a scope variable, but the value of a variable assigned with the…

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